• Zarmina Penner

Letting the Heart Lead is a Good Idea

Aktualisiert: Feb 18

Once you realize that your mind is not always your friend, your life changes; even in our minds, we have to be discerning. 

I call the ego-mind the inner narcissist. It talks non-stop, criticizes, manipulates you, and generally brings you down. 

The constant nonsensical chatter puts you into a perpetual trance, a preoccupied state of mind.

Look at people you pass by on the street; you will see that look in their eyes. 

When you recognize it in yourself, especially if not feeling good, make it a habit to snap out of it quickly.

How: Cast your outer gaze on something in your immediate environment and look at it in detail. 

Focus your inner eye on your feet, and feel them from the inside. It will ground you. 

Stay present. It will keep you out of trance-provoking thought patterns and open for uplifting inspiring thoughts and better feelings.

So always remember this, if you want to better your life:

1) Take charge of your mind; use it intentionally, not on automatic

2) Feel your feelings with compassion for yourself

3) Listen to your heart, your wiser self, and let it lead your mind 

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